Wedding Cake Pricing

Hello! Here is just a tiny bit of advice when planning for your Wedding Cake:  


Most wedding cakes are designed to serve the intended number of guests you have attending your wedding. However, is not necessary to provide that much wedding cake! It's a good rule while planning, to plan on 20% less staying to watch you shove cake in each others face! I personally wouldn't miss it, but some guests will actually leave before that glorious moment happens. Shocking, I know but sadly it's true. Some may have dietary restrictions that don't allow them to eat a slice, some will have small kids they need to get to bed, some may need to hit the long road trip home and you get the point. I hope this helps you make your decision! See below for pricing and I hope you'll visit the FAQ section for more great info to questions you might have!









​2-tier Wedding Cake

serving 30 / $165

Plus tax &  delivery fee outside of Lynchburg address.



3-tier Wedding Cake

serving 70 / $385

Plus tax &  delivery fee outside of Lynchburg address.









4-tier Wedding Cake

serving 130 / $715

Plus tax &  delivery fee outside of Lynchburg address.


Cake Flavors

Favorite Combinations

Wedding Cake Gallery

Wedding cake prices start at 

$5.50 per serving. 

Edible embellishments and multiple cake flavor combinations can be added to your custom cake for additional pricing.


All wedding cakes consist of 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling. All wedding cakes are covered in 

Swiss meringue buttercream.


Wedding cakes covered in fondant are an additional $2.00 per serving.


Swirl & Florals
Gold Jagged Edge Wedding Cake
Multi-Textured Wedding Cake.jpg